The#1 “ Your-Brand” Creator in China
Count on Cinobee’s Pricing,Quality & Reliability
For your applications:
cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and household products.
Cinobee Profile

Cinobee, started from family business in 1980s,from not only a producer to but also a service-provider, 
dedicated in Beeswax | Rice Bran Wax | Soy Wax |Vegetable wax / Vegan Wax | Multil-application natural formulation waxes solution and ingredients |
Keep trustworthy brand Cinobee ® ,aiming at "Follow Your life and Make Your Life More Beautiful",
offer natural ingredients  and environmentally friendly solutions you can trust for your applications in:
* Cosmetics,beauty & personal care products, emulsions, hair care, creams, lotions, lipsticks, cold creams,etc..
* Health and homecare products
* Food,ointments and pharmaceuticals
* Candles, moldings,lubricants, industrial applications
* Wood,paper and textile finishes

Cinobee never expects to be a hero, but our eternal objective is to make our every client grow to be Hero.
Cinobee celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020, nowadays has evolved into not only a leading brand enterprise,processor and refiner dedicated in beeswax and vegetable waxes /vegan waxes,but also a trustworthy marketer of natural extracts and ingredients for your applications.

As an advocate of worldwide natural & healthy products, all products in Cinobee are only from Green Thinking;

Here  you can find 100% natural beeswax slabs,pastilles and bars for making your candles, as well for your applications like food, cosmetics, personal care products,homecare products,medicine & ointment, and industries like polishing wax and lubricants, etc.

You can find our Rice Bran Wax,Soy Wax,Vegetable waxes and other environmentally friendly ingredients for your applications in:*Cosmetics & Beauty Care  *Health Products * Homecare Products * Food & Pharmaceutical*.

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