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Cinobee, started from family business in 1980s,from not only a producer to but also a service-provider,
dedicated in Beeswax | Rice Bran Wax | Soy Wax |Vegetable wax | Vegan Wax | Multi-application natural formulation waxes solution and ingredients |
Keep trustworthy brand Cinobee ® ,aiming at "Follow Your life and Make Your Life More Beautiful",
offer natural ingredients and environmentally friendly solution you can trust for your applications in:
* Cosmetics,beauty & personal care products, emulsions, hair care, creams, lotions, lipsticks, cold creams,etc..
* Health and homecare products
* Food,ointments and pharmaceuticals
* Candles, moldings,lubricants, industrial applications
* Wood,paper and textile finishes

Cinobee is still a vigorous youth,though,never lacks intelligence & wisdom, and spirit of pursuit and innovation.
Cinobee celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020, nowadays has evolved into not only a leading brand enterprise,processor and refiner dedicated in beeswax and vegetable waxes,but also a trustworthy marketer of natural extracts and ingredients.
As an advocate of world wide Natural&Healthy Products, all products in Cinobee are only from Green Thinking;

Find Beeswax|Bee pollen|Propolis| Royal Jelly, Cinobee Apiaries underlies the controlling of EU EOS and USDA NOP.
Also experienced in offering customized beeswax and wax formulation service to meet individual specifications.

Find Rice Bran Wax,Soy Wax,Vegetable waxes and other eco-friendly ingredients for your applications in:*Cosmetics & Beauty Care  *Health Products * Homecare Products * Food & Pharmaceutical*.

In addition to the products from our own plant, we distribute the quality products from some of our cooperative reliable manufacturers who are regular buyers of our productions. We have a long-term,stable and trusting relationship with each other.It is also to promote each other and provide customers facilitation services like one-stop chain supply. 

Find beekeeping kits, for "new starter" to commercial beekeepers and everyone in between,we carry a comprehensive line of over 100 Basic Items To Help You Get Started In Beekeeping!

We have been striving for perfection,constantly introducing updated technology and innovations into our career, while investing in experienced,knowledgeable people and the best facilities to help meet this goal.
We beleive strongly in the need for developing superior quality products and supporting our customers with excellent services.


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Cinobee was once a company concentrating solely on the production of beeswax and vegetable wax products,now has evolved into not only a brand enterprise,processor and refiner dedicate in natural biological waxes, but also a trustworthy marketer and eco serivce-provider.
★ CinobeeBio has R&D base of more than 1,000 square meters, and two pilot workshops of 1,300 square meters, which can be used for small test amplification and provide conditions for the production of tonnage products.
★Tonnage products available:CinobeeBio has independent production plant with ability to provide tons of products.