Hydrogenated Plam Oil Wax,vegetable wax Cinobee024 for natural candle making
2021-01-19 14:12:41
Palm oil wax is a natural vegetable oil wax, which is the product of palm oil hydrogenation. It is well-known that palm oil is a widely used vegetable oil. Correspondingly, the solid wax after hydrogenation of palm oil has become a welcomed natural oil wax.
Environmentally friendly
Moderate melting point
*[Palm oil wax is recommended for ]
Massage candles
Aromatic candles
Container candles
Skin care creams
Decorative wax tablets
Wax models, etc

Cinobee, leading corporation dedicated in R&D, production and wholesale for biological waxes including beeswax and vegetable waxes,offering natural formulation waxes solution.

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