How to use beeswax food wraps properly
2020-05-14 03:04:56
In the past year, the beeswax food wraps developed by CINOBEE has been sold in the European and American markets, and is favored by more and more environmentalists.
In order to avoid the inappropriate operation of beeswax food wraps, we remind the precautions as follows:

[ How To Use ]
The wraps are a bit sticky at first opening because they are made from natural beeswax. Please use the warmth of your hands to activate the wraps. Wrap the piece around breads, cheese, nuts, fruits, etc, in room temperature and keep the package in fridge.

[ How To Store ]
To  increase the lifespan of the wraps, wash them with cold water and hang to dry in the air. Keep the wraps in cool dry place, and it is best to keep them into fridge. It is recommended to replace the beeswax wraps after one year of use.

[ Keep Away From Heat ]
Keep the beeswax wraps away from heat sources like warm water, microwaves, oven, dishwashers, etc.

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