Lanolin Alcohol [Cosmetic Grade]


[CinobeeBio TM] Lanolin Alcohol,CAS No# 8027-33-6, powerful surface-active natural ingredients,for external preparations and cosmetics like night creams,sports creams, hair creams and baby creams.


                                                                    Lanolin Alcohol
                                                                   [Cosmetic Grade]
Product name Lanolin Alcohol
CAS Number 8027-33-6
Synonyms Wool wax alcohol, wool aclohol,Lanolin Alcohols
Grade Cosmetic grade
Category Emulsifier, Ointment base

Lanolin Alcohol is a mixture of steroidal alcohol and triterpene alcohol,excellent use in external preparations and cosmetics.
Light yellow to yellow-brown solid, plastic when warm, cold and brittle, slightly odorous.
[General Nature]
Soluble in chloroform, dichloromethane, petroleum ether, slightly soluble in ethanol (90%), almost insoluble in water.
It is used in external preparations and cosmetics like night creams, sports creams,hair creams and baby creams.
It has hydrophobic matrix with skin-lubricating effect, and can be used for preparations for dry skin and dry glasses. It is also used in water-in-oil creams and ointment bases at concentrations as low as 2%.

[Specification: Cosmetic Grade]

Acid Value mgKOH/g Max. 2.0
Color Gardner Max. 10
Saponification Value mgKOH/g Max. 10
Loss on drying % Max. 0.5
Melting Point Degrees C Min.58
Residue on ignition % Max. 0.15
Water Absorption Capacity % Min. 200 
Cholesterol Content % 8-12
Acidity   Complies
Alkalinity   Complies
Copper   Complies

It can be self-oxidized during storage and should be stored in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. Normally can be stored for 2 years.