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If someone asks you a personal question, you might say that is none of your beeswax.
That is because you and beeswax are always together in your life.....

*Different Beeswax Uses That You Can Try:
Beeswax's diversity of applications makes it a favorite among health-conscious individuals looking for a safe, natural solution to address their various concerns. Here are some creative ways you can use beeswax:
•Cosmetics — You can make your own soaps using beeswax as the base ingredient.
•Topical — Beeswax can be used to create a diverse range of topical products great for promoting skin health. Examples include body butter, lip balm, lip gloss and hand lotion.
•Candles — It's possible to make your own scented candles with a combination of beeswax and other natural ingredients.
•Polish wax for furniture,wood and leather, etc
Aside from the aforementioned applications, beeswax is used in a multitude of ways:
*Modeling clay / *Baby lotion /*Granite countertop polisher/ *Furniture joint oil
*Iron cleaner / *Diaper rash cream / *Baking pan cleaner *Grafting wax/ *Antirust protection

*Cinobee Bio provides a wide array of beeswax to the customers:
[Yellow Beewax Slab]
[Decolorized White Beewax Slab]
[Yellow Beewax Pastille]
[White Beewax Pastille]
[Yellow Beewax Brick]
[Yellow Beewax Bar]
[White Beewax Bar]
 Synthetic Beeswax [CinobeeBio ® 04]
Other customizations,packaging and design are also supported.

CinobeeBio offers many other value-added services for beewax and vegetable wax related products.
Our custom services include but are not limited to:
1# Custom Manufacturing   2# Specialty Packaging      3# Private Labeling
4# Custom Blending & Formulating       5# Laboratory Research and Analysis

★ CinobeeBio has R&D base of more than 1,000 square meters, and two pilot workshops of 1,300 square meters, which can be used for small test amplification and provide conditions for the production of tonnage products.
★Tonnage products available:CinobeeBio has independent production plant with ability to provide tons of products.
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