Beeswax use in the beauty and pharmaceutical industries now accounts for more than 60% of total consumption
2019-12-15 08:52:49
Many skin care products use beeswax as an effective ingredient to improve the skin. According to reports from international authoritative statistics, the current use of beeswax in the beauty and pharmaceutical industries accounts for more than 60% of total consumption. Beeswax is non-toxic and is known for its beauty and healing properties.

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Beeswax locks in moisture, nourishes cells and protects the skin from environmental factors. Beauty experts say that beeswax has a softening effect on the skin and can provide a protective layer against environmental disadvantages for a long time. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergic and antioxidant properties. Even after processing, beeswax can still retain biologically active ingredients, such as vitamin A required for normal cell development. Some doctors also recommend that people protect their lips with lipsticks made of beeswax.
Because beeswax has healing, softening and bactericidal properties, many skin care products include it. In particular, cleansers, creams and cold creams, moisturizers and barrier creams, hair removal creams, lipsticks, nail polishes, sunscreen products, eye creams and foundation creams are the most commonly used. Beeswax is not irritating and is less likely to cause acne, which means that when used properly, beeswax will not cause any problems.
Because beeswax does not clog pores, it does not cause acne or acne when used correctly.

What are the benefits of skincare products containing beeswax ?

I. Temperature resistance: Beeswax has a strong tolerance to temperature and is not susceptible to the influence of natural temperature, which keeps the formulated cosmetics in an applied state. Stable even when applied to the skin.

Ii. Emulsification and mutual dissolution: Beeswax is easily emulsified after reacting with alkali, and the formed paste is more stable. It can be miscible with oil, combined with other ingredients, has stable quality and can be stored for a long time.

3. Emollient skin care: As a nutritive and astringent substance, beeswax is used for skin beauty. It is a high-grade natural top product and an excellent material for making masks.

4: Eliminate wrinkles: Beeswax can nourish and improve the condition of subcutaneous tissues, activate its elastic fibers, prevent them from hardening, promote skin softness and reduce wrinkles. There are also reports from experts abroad for formulating ointments and beauty to remove wrinkles.

5: Myogenic: Beeswax has the function of analgesic cells, can cure skin lacerations, hair loss and other diseases, and can also freeze, burn, burn and so on.

In addition, beeswax does not have any toxic side effects, and beeswax combined with bee products for oral administration has a stronger effect on beauty and health.

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