Silk protein has been listed as an important breakthrough in
2019-10-28 01:32:56
Silk protein has been listed as an important breakthrough in the research of silk protein biomedical materials in the National 863 Program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
The aggregate structure of silk fibroin in the silk fibroin film is mainly SilkII and has high crystallinity. The strong silk fibroin film is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergic and has good biocompatibility. The results of animal experiments using a strong silk fibroin membrane for repairing dural defects showed that there was no infection after repair surgery, no abnormal changes in animal behavior and eating, and normal cerebral cortex morphology, indicating that strong silk fibroin film is expected to become a new type of hard. Meningeal repair material. Experts believe that the regenerated silk fibroin as the matrix material and silk fabric as the reinforcing material, the research results of the strong silk fibroin film for dural repair are the first in China and abroad, reaching the international advanced level. At present, there are few organizational engineering materials with independent intellectual property rights in China. This scientific research achievement has special significance for the scientific and technological progress of tissue engineering in China and the research and development of artificial tissues and artificial organs.

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