Economy-type White Beeswax Pellets for lip balm/lip stick/body lotion


Economy-type White Beeswax Pellets, is CinobeeBio formulated beeswax with a lower price for lip balm,lip stick and body lotion.


[Note] The information of product you are here reading on this page is not our type of 100% Pure Beeswax.
          It is CinobeeBio customized formulated beeswax service we could offer you.
*This is our White Beeswax Pellets/Pastilles/Beads [Type: CINOBEE7902), with a lower prices than our 100% pure beeswax,
It carry the sweet,refreshing scent of honey, has a wonderful smell and texture,with excellent adhesion,permeable, emulsifying and smooth features, perfect for making lip sticks,balms,handmade soaps,balms,creams, eyebrow pencils, eye shadows, etc.
*We make these into very easy to handle pellets (also called as beads or pastilles) for folks wanting to add to use for various applications including:
Cosmetic Grade DIY Lip Balm,Lotions, Body Cream,Soap Making Ingredients.

Simple for making lip balm with all natural ingredients
How to make natural beeswax Basic and Multicolored Lip Balm?
For Tip & Recipes,welcome to send us your inquiry for more.

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