Beeswax Therapy-Wax Facial Beauty
Jan 13, 2020
1.Brief Introduction

Beeswax therapy is a physical therapy method that uses heated beeswax to apply to the affected part, or immerses the affected part into beeswax solution.
It has the mechanical effect of eliminating swelling, deepening warming effect, releasing adhesion, and softening scars.
Modern beeswax therapy technology is an organic combination of traditional Chinese medicine and beeswax therapy, which can strengthen the permeability of cell membranes, reduce tissue edema, produce gentle mechanical compression,
make skin soft and elastic, improve skin nutrition, and accelerate epithelial growth It is beneficial to the healing of wound ulcers and fractures, and also has analgesic and antispasmodic effects.

2. Principle

Beeswax has a large heat capacity and low thermal conductivity, which can prevent heat conduction, slow heat dissipation, and gas and moisture cannot easily disappear. During wax therapy, its holding time is more than 1 hour.
Beeswax itself is elastic, can be closely adhered to the body surface, and can also be added with some other drugs for synergistic treatment. In addition, the active ingredients in the beeswax also promote the regeneration of wound epithelium.

3. Applications

3.1. Application of wax therapy in soft tissue injury.

Soft tissue injuries are more common clinically. Chronic injuries, such as lumbar muscle strain, periarthritis, and other muscle ligaments are more common. If not treated in time, it can cause muscle atrophy, contractures, degeneration, and adhesions.
Through beeswax therapy, local muscle relaxation, blood circulation and lymphatic reflux can be increased, swelling can be reduced, pain can be eliminated, and the cure rate can reach 100%.

3.2. Application of wax therapy in Wax beauty.

Wax beauty is a cosmetology that combines physical, chemical and biotechnology. The cosmetic beeswax used has stable physical and chemical properties. Beeswax contains various animal and plant active ingredients and some small molecules similar to the skin structure of phospholipids, fatty acids, sterols, lanolin derivatives and flexibility. Moisturizing the skin with salicylic acid methyl ester, etc. (very rich in nutrients), is a beauty that cannot be matched by some cosmetics.
Soften the stratum corneum first, and then infiltrate the skin with various nutrients and moisture through thermal conduction, promote cell renewal, tighten skin and wrinkle, restore skin elasticity, and leave a thin, thin wax film on the skin surface to isolate it and barriers to external pollution.

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