CinobeeBio new technology:Purify Rice Bran Wax in Molecular Distillation Method
2019-12-15 08:49:25

Summary of CinobeeBio rice bran wax molecular distillation purification technology
Rice Bran Wax [CinobeeBio ®]

The new technology provides a method for molecular distillation purification of rice bran wax, and belongs to the technical field of rice bran wax purification technology. First, industrial hexane and an adsorption decolorant are used together to remove the pigment of the raw rice bran wax paste, and then a 90% by volume industrial ethanol mixed solvent of hexane is used as a degreaser to remove the oil and fat in the rice bran wax paste. The three-stage molecular distillation technology is refined to completely remove impurities such as oil and pigment in rice bran wax paste, and through two decoloring and two deoiling treatments, a high-quality rice bran wax product is finally obtained. Compared with traditional solvent extraction methods, it has the advantages of simple operation, high extraction purity, and low residual organic solvents, especially the effect of removing fats and pigments from rice bran wax. It can obtain high-quality rice bran wax products with a whiteness of 35 or more. 


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