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Vegan Wax [CinobeeBio TM]


Vegan Wax [CinobeeBio TM],trustworthy brand natural ingredients for your applications in Cosmetics, Food/Pharmaceuticals, Health, Homecare products and Polishing,ect.


With the increasing demand for vegan cosmetics, some formulators are switching from beeswax to possible vegan alternatives.
Natural waxes are one of the oldest raw materials used by humans. Nowadays, natural waxes are used as additives in versatile applications across the technical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industrial sectors. According to their origin and natural characteristics, they differ from one another regarding to their appearance, properties and applications.
What are  [CinobeeBio TM] Vegan Waxes?
They are a blend of hydrocarbons and fatty esters (an ester of a fatty alcohol and a fatty acid). These vegan waxes are derived from leaves, peels and fruits of different plants or are separated from plant oils by de-waxing. This process involves physical separation and no chemical reactions are involved.
After separation,vegan waxes are usually purified, deodorized (these are still physical procedures with no chemical reactions involved) and sometimes bleached (this might be a chemical reaction).
Waxes are usually available in different grades according to their colour, melting point range, physical form. They are also often available in different purities for different applications, such as industrial, food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical applications.
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