Silk Peptide Powder


[CinobeeBio TM] Silk Peptide is highly purified grade natural silk protein,easy to use as it bonds well with essential, fragrant oils, colours and base materials used in skin and hair care.


[CinobeeBio TM] Silk Peptides are often used in cosmetics and skin care products because they contain natural nutrients necessary for healthy hair,nails,and skin. This natural protein is known for helping skin retain its moisture and elasticity, giving it a smooth,youthful, silky feel.
Silk peptides can be found in:
Anti-aging skin creams Body washes/Soaps
Eye creams Cosmetics
Body lotions Shampoos/Conditioners
Facial cleansers/Toners Hair treatments
Hair gel Bubble bath

It is a highly purified grade of 100% pure and natural silk protein,easy to use, as it bonds well with essential, fragrant oils, colours and base materials used in skin and hair care. Silk Peptide is water soluble polypeptide formed by degradation of silk protein (fibroin) with average molecular weight between 500-10000, white powder and good water solubility, with pH value between 4.5 to 6.5 and positive ninhydrin reaction.

1. Function of natural moistening, nourishing skin and promoting healing of skin wounds:
Application of skin protecting products enriched with silk peptide on skin can reach the effects of facial beautification and preventing many skin diseases. Clinical trials show that silk peptide have good therapy effects for several dermatosis, such as Skin Cracks, Dermatitis, Pruritus and Chloasma. The experimental results show that silk peptide has no irritability and can accelerate healing of wounds. It can prevent corrosion and damage of dusts, coating, acid and alkaline chemical substances on skin.
2. Very excellent hair-protecting function:
The protection for hair includes absorbability and adsorption, membrane, moisture retention.
3. Absorbability and Adsorption:
Compared to other protein hydrolysate peptide (protein collagen, bone glue protein, gelatin proteins, etc), silk peptide is nutrient-rich but can be easily absorbed by skin and hair.

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