Lanolin Anhydrous,water-soluble [CinobeeBio TM]


[CinobeeBio TM] Lanolin is a natural waxy substance derived from crude wool wax,widely used in all types of color cosmetics,hair care,skin care,soaps,topical pharmaceuticals and baby products.


[CinobeeBio TM] PEG-75 Lanolin Anhydrous,water-soluble
Product name PEG-75 Lanolin, water-soluble Lanolin
CAS Number 8006-54-0  / 61790-81-6
Synonyms  Water Soluble Lanolin, Ethoxylated Lanolin
Grade Cosmetic /Pharmaceutical grade

[CinobeeBio TM] Anhydrous Lanolin is a natural waxy substance derived from crude wool wax (also often referred to as wool grease or wool fat). It's obtained from the liquids resulting from scouring sheep wool.
The wax is separated from the liquid using high speed centrifugation. It's then processed and refined in various stages, including:
#Reducing free fatty acids, soap and water content
#Eliminating contaminants
#Deodorising and bleaching.
[Features]: Lanolin has excellent moisturizing perfomance and it is is easy to be absorbed by the skin.
[Application]:Widely used in all types of color cosmetics, hair care, skin care, soaps, topical pharmaceuticals and baby products.
   Index                   Unit Specification
Appearance   Amber coloured, waxy flakes
Acid value                  mg, KOH/g 5.0 max
Saponification value              mg, KOH/g 12-18
Loss On Drying                  % 1.0 max
PH value         5% aqueous solution 5-7
  a. 25KG net bag or  50KG /200kg /drum
  b. Wood-free pallet.
[Shelf life]: 2 years [Storage]Tightly closed,under room temperature